Natural Cotton Color - Asa Branca Collection  Fashion Catalog 2023
Task Project
Create a catalog showcasing the latest Asa Branca
fashion collection by Natural Cotton Color brand.
In the arid heart of Paraíba (Brazil), the backlands come to life as a rich treasure trove of culture and tradition, revealing stories of resilience and hope. Within the living pages of "cordel", the challenging landscapes and strong-hearted people weave tales of love and struggle, narrated masterfully through the art of woodcutting.

Luiz Gonzaga, the iconic King of Baião, sang melodies that resonated through valleys and mountains, capturing the essence of the backlands in his song "Asa Branca (White Wing)", a symphony of hope amidst relentless drought.

Meanwhile, cordel, a popular poetry intertwined with simple verses, knits deep stories that transcend time, coming alive through the technique of sculpting words into wood, immortalizing the tales of the backlands.

Furthermore, within the folds of Paraíba's culture, female workers play a vital role in the process of artisanal dyeing. Using naturally colored cotton, these skilled artisans transform natural fibers into unique pieces of beauty and significance. Passed down through generations, the artisanal dyeing process celebrates tradition, a connection to the land, and the preservation of valuable practices that enrich the wealth of the backlands and Paraíba's culture as a whole.
Asa Branca stands as one of the most iconic songs by Brazilian singer. The song addresses the theme of drought and the forced migration resulting from the harsh conditions in the northeastern backlands. Composed by Luiz Gonzaga and Humberto Teixeira, it was released in 1947 and became an anthem of northeastern culture, embodying the people's struggle against the devastating effects of the drought.

The song's lyrics depict the protagonist's longing, representing the many northeasterners who leave their land in search of better conditions in other regions. "Asa Branca" refers to a migratory bird seeking a place with water and food, symbolizing the pursuit of improved living conditions. The song evokes a profound sense of nostalgia, sadness, and hope simultaneously.

At the core of 'Asa Branca' lies the message of a resilient and determined people facing the harsh reality of drought while holding onto hope for better times. The song also touches upon the deep connection many northeasterners maintain with their homeland, even when compelled to seek opportunities elsewhere in the country.

Luiz Gonzaga's captivating melody and emotional rendition bestow upon the song a unique and powerful aura, making it one of the most memorable and beloved tunes in Brazilian popular music. It transcends borders and generations, remaining relevant and touching throughout the years."
"Asa Branca," as the name of the catalog collection, conjures a style that blends elements of northeastern culture with modernity. It's a clothing line subtly referencing the music and theme of the song, featuring prints inspired by the arid landscape of the backlands, earthy tones, lightweight and natural fabrics reminiscent of seeking comfort amid drought.

The catalog mirrors this ambiance through photographs that capture the essence of the backlands, showcasing models in poses conveying determination, hope, and a connection to their roots. Elements like artisanal embroideries, patterns reminiscent of nature, and details honoring regional culture could be highlighted, conveying the story and message behind the song.

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About NCC and the Catalog
Natural Cotton Color was born in 1995 as a streetwear brand named after Francisca Vieira. In 2005, the businesswoman began an innovative fashion project, choosing as a production base a naturally coloured cotton, discovered in her native region, Paraíba, and developed by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa).

Paraíba’s organic coloured cotton is planted by family farmers with a guaranteed purchase contract. By not using irrigation or dyeing, a piece produced by Natural Cotton Color generates water savings of up to 87.5%, compared to a similar product produced in the traditional textile and clothing industry.

By embracing her roots and defending her land, Francisca became a recognized organizer in the promotion of coloured cotton from Paraíba. Natural Cotton Color also emphasizes culture, preserving manual practices with the inclusion of women artisans in its production.

Recently, it has been developing innovative fabrics such as the exclusive coloured Denim without dyeing and coloured cotton jacquard. Finally, it included a fabric traceability system. All these actions helped to expand the cultivation of the species. As a result, Paraíba returned to the world organic cotton production map.

Natural Cotton Color® is certified by Friend of  the Earth®, certification of traceability and sustainability (also a Hesmart's client)

Natural Cotton Color

Made in Paraíba, Brazil.

Designers: Women’s collection by Francisca Vieira and Caio Rogerio.Men’s collection by Léo Mendonça. 

Crochet: Group of Rural Women Workers from Alhandra, coordinated by Alessandra Cipriano.

Handicrafts association from Gurinhém, coordinated by Marconi Alves Pinheiro.

Renaissance Lace: Renasci association, from Monteiro, coordinated by Marlene Leopoldino.

Labirinto: Chã dos Pereira small family farms in cooperative and agroforestry standards from Ingá, coordinated by Josicleide Barbosa.

Creative Direction: Elis Janoville.
Writing: Sandra Vasconcelos.
Production assistant: Maira Rodrigues and Rosa da Silva. 
Beauty: Gabriela Larrouthiere.
Models: Luana Silva, Marcos Filho and Isadora Kluppel.
Photography: Adriano Franco. 

Editorial Design by Hesmart Design Studio.
Natural Cotton Color® All rights reserved, 2023.
Do not modify this work without proper authorization

This catalog was supported by:
Prefeitura de INGÁ (Ingá/PB city hall)

This catalog was sponsored by:

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