Sometimes others or third parties designers, programmers, translators, social medias, assistants or any other necessary professional can work in Hesmart Design Studio under CEO supervision to serve our customers' services. We ensure that all workers involved in our services are legally protected and will not be able to share, distribute or sell our clients' confidential information.
Hesmart Design Studio may use audio/visual production material for the purpose of portfolio exhibition on the website or social media, if these materials have already been approved and broadcast, unless explicitly requested otherwise by the client. We will not share confidential material under any circumstances.

If your business is important to you, you must value how it is seen and received by society. Therefore, the value you devote to your company's design will determine the value it has for others. Design is a job like any other service. Paying for a very cheap designer will cost you dearly in the future. Paying well for a responsible design studio will yield good results to you.

My studio prices are calculated based on the international average of designers, with reference to the list of the Official DU Design Minimum Price List. And also corresponding to 50% less the value of the price model of the union of Rio Grande do Norte agencies, SINAPRO RN, of the state where I live in Brazil.

The most safe way to exchange money with my studio is by Paypal. I can generate a invoice for you, and you can choose to pay by diferent methods, like through direct payment or by credit card. You will receive a payment receipt in your email one (1) days after payment. If you prefer to send payment in another way, you can communicate to me by email and I will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

Service payments through Paypal are subject to tariffs. Payment receipt fee from Brazil is 4.79% + R$0.60 BRL. International payment tariff is 6.4% + flat tax. Please check details here: Currency conversion is: 3,5%. For most international cases, the tax should be around 10%.

This site charges services in US dollars. If you wish to pay in another currency, the amount will be converted to the current quote of your country of origin.

We only make refunds in case of a money transfer error. We do not make a refund for completed service once the service is reviewed and approved by the customer with the chance of multiple revisions.

After buying a service here is this store your must send a briefing about your personalised service officially by email:

The client will be able to deal with the studio through Whatsapp, however it will be considered unofficial. We do not send physical materials, only digital files. The files will be delivered in any digital format the customer needs, such as PDF, JPG, PNG, EPS, MP4 etc.

From the Briefing received by email, the creation of the design piece will begin, which must respect the deadlines established here, which can be shortened or lengthened according to theneeds of the designer or client. The dealine standard is: 10 to 15 days for multi-file campaigns, 3 to 7 days for single files and at least 24h for opportunity pieces (pieces of opportunity are urgent pieces of design that need to be delivered as soon as possible). In that case, it must be previously communicated. Please do not ask the studio for urgency if this has not been previously agreed.

Each change made to a design piece must be charged 15% of the value of the service of the price list. If a service has started and is canceled before its completion, the customer must reimburse to the studio 25% of the service price. Values can be combined between the parties previously.

You have the alternative of making a monthly contract if you want to do services on a recurring basis with our studio. Contact us by email to request our quote for monthly payment methods.

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