ESG Compliance Manual - Mining Module
The "ESG Compliance Manual - Mining Module" (Manual de Compliance ESG - Módulo Mineração in portuguese) is a proposal for systematization of requirements for the Mining sector of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.
About the manual
The manual is a Technical/Technological Product that is part of the master's degree research work by Fernanda Cortêz, Environmental Engineer.

Presented within a dissertation to the Postgraduate Program in Sustainable Use of Natural Resources of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology (IFRN) of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

This work rewarded Fernanda the title of Master in Environmental Sciences, in the line of research on Sustainability and Natural Resources Management, granted in October 2023 with Dr. Leonardo Pivôtto Nicodemo as advisor.

This is a comprehensive manual (written in Brazilian Portuguese) that addresses Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Criteria - ESG, providing a holistic approach to operations in the mining sector. Focusing on environmental sustainability, social responsibility and good governance practices, this manual offers a solid framework to ensure that companies in the sector achieve their objectives in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally conscious way.

Currently in its first edition, the manual enters the IFRN library and is accessible to all academia in the state of Rio Grande do Norte and is being implemented at the Regional Engineering and Agronomy Council (CREA) in Brazil due to Fernanda's ability to create a work of great value for national industry
The design project
Fernanda commissioned Hesmart Design Studio to create this manual, aiming for broad accessibility to all audiences, particularly focusing on companies interested in leveraging ESG practices for their benefit, and above all, for the benefit of local, national and, in later versions, global sustainability.

The product should be built in a short space of time, to coincide with the moment of Fernanda's master's degree defense.

While operating within a limited budget, our studio embraced the challenge of scaling this project for global industries. Our aim was to achieve international visibility while ensuring national recognition through esteemed Brazilian institutions like CREA and the prestigious IFRN. This commitment was undertaken with the assurance of quality and expertise.

Also, Fernanda is Héssed Martins' girlfriend, the founder, and director of Hesmart Design Studio. This partnership amplified the project's significance. Leveraging our prior experience with European clients focused on sustainability, our studio's competence and proficiency in crafting this manual were ensured.

The collaboration between Fernanda and Héssed has greatly enriched this endeavor, merging diverse expertise to produce a comprehensive final product.
The Solution
Given the time constraints and limited resources for the manual creation, our studio's comprehensive understanding of the project's scope facilitated the discovery of an efficient and cost-effective solution: employing Artificial Intelligence to create illustrative images.

By establishing clear prompts and adhering to a predetermined color palette at the project's outset, we achieved exceptional results. Adobe Firefly was a great tool to generated images with distinct and markedly artistic attributes, elevating the visual appeal of the manual significantly.
Combining mineral elements such as Iron, Nickel, Manganese, Copper, and Coal with bold, appealing colors like Red, Silver, Bronze, and Navy Blue present in the logo resulted in enigmatic, modernist digital illustrations. They take on a character that is not strictly illustrative (as not originally intended) but rather poetic, metaphorical, artistic, and abstract.

The utilization of artificial intelligence proved crucial, particularly in times where sustainability is imperative and time is essential.

Additionally, this manual isn't solely envisioned as a printed product (as depicted in mockups images within this portfolio). Its design allows for digital use, reducing paper consumption—a pivotal consideration.

However, understanding the preferences of users within these sectors is vital—whether they lean towards a printed or digital format. Nevertheless, the manual anticipates widespread adoption while acknowledging the evolving cultural trend of minimizing print usage for its future editions. The use of the manual itself remains the focus of the initial proposal. As an initial guide to sustainable measures.
The images of printed manual shown in this portfolio are exclusively for illustrative purposes.
Furthermore, this manual is not just made up of illustrations generated by Artificial Intelligence, as one might expect. Serving as a comprehensive ESG compliance guide, it stands as an editorial product grounded in the academia principles.

It consists of a complete editorial design that aims to instruct its users on sustainability practices, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Criteria. Guiding the readers clearly with well defined colors and parameters with good design principles through the manual.
The manual helps the reader visually with the aid of a pre-established color palette, guiding and assisting them in understanding ESG practices.

It also provides a series of instructions that help companies adapt to ESG compliance, establishing connections with international practices, such as the 2030 Agenda proposed by the UN.
The manual will be made available free of charge in the IFRN library as a basis for the academy and will serve as support for the local mining industry and then adapted to CREA's needs.

But you can download the full manual now in the attachments section on the right, in the pop-up menu or using the QR code below:
About the authors
Fernanda Cortêz de Oliveira
Environmental Engineer graduated from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, UFRN (2020) and Bachelor of Science and Technology, UFRN (2018). Technician in Environmental Control from the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Norte, IFRN (2012). Master in Environmental Sciences, in the line of research on Sustainability and Natural Resources Management, IFRN (2023)

She has experience in the areas of environmental licensing, basic sanitation and water quality - with an emphasis on semi-arid limnology. Currently, she is also an analyst and researcher at the Institute for Sustainable Development and Environment of RN (IDEMA), working in the Public Works Analysis Center (NAOP).

Leonardo Pivôtto Nicodemo
Lawyer, Bachelor of Law from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN, 2016) and Environmental Manager from the Federal Center for Technological Education of Rio Grande do Norte (CEFET/RN, 2005), PhD in Development and Environment from UFRN (2012 -2016), Full Association in Network (UFPI/ UFC/ UFRN/ UFPB/ UFPE/ UFS/ UES). Master in Production Engineering from UFRN (2006-2008).

Specialist in Environmental Licensing for Oil and Natural Gas through the National Oil and Natural Gas Industry Mobilization Program (PROMINP/ IFRN, 2012). Specialist in Technological Innovation Law from Instituto Metrópole Digital (IMD/UFRN, 2021).

He is a member of the permanent staff of the Academic Directorate of Natural Resources, Natal-Central Campus of IFRN (DIAREN/CNAT), and advisor of the present research that originated this ESG Compliance manual - Mining Module. Environmental for Industry and Mining (2006-2007).

He is a permanent professor at the Academic Directorate of Natural Resources, Natal-Central Campus of IFRN (DIAREN / CNAT).

Institutions linked to this research project:
DIAREN (Academic Board of Natural Resources) of IFRN
PPgUSRN (Postgraduate program in sustainable use of natural resources)
NEDMA (Center for Studies in Law, Development and Environment)

Images Generated by Artificial Intelligence
Images generated by Adobe Firefly artificial intelligence for this manual are produced with machine learning algorithms and may contain conceptual and artistic elements and are not accurate representations of reality. This manual is for informational and illustrative purposes only, and responsibility for any misinterpretation or decisions based on generated images is not assumed. Additional verification of information is recommended when accuracy is crucial.

Editorial design
This Manual was graphically edited by the Freelance Designer Héssed Martins, director and founder of the design studio Hesmart Design Studio.

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