"Os 16 Tipos" (it's means The 16 Types in portuguese) is a comic page created in order to bring knowledge about the study and classification of psychological types of Isabel Myers, Katharine Briggs and Carl Gustav Jung in Brazil in form of humor. Since the creation the page has seen an exponential and free growth on the area of study in the country, now has more than 100k likes and followers, with a support forum for participants to discuss the various issues made every day on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator system, which now has over a 120k members. The forum is active and many collaborate with research and opinion formation.

Our website has an average of 75k monthly visits​​​​​​​:

Oficial web site: www.os16tipos.com
Charts and Infographics:
Os 16 Tipos official page: www.facebook.com/os16tipos
You can see or subscribe directly from Youtube here: www.youtube.com/os16tipos

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