Case: Comic Book Miranda 30 years Magazine
A monster taken by evil invades and dominates the city of Natal (RN, Brazil); will three young and a brave little robot be able to stop this threat? 

This is the premise of Miranda's comic book 30 years, the anniversary edition in 2017 that brings the mascot "Mirandinha" as protagonist to tell the real story of Miranda creatively and fun for audiences of all ages.

The production of this piece of marketing came at a significant time when it was necessary to adapt the use of creativity to the reality of the national market. In the midst of an economic crisis, we have been able to carry out this extremely low cost job with a great return of visibility for the brand and also to tell in a playful and institutional way the successful work that Miranda has been doing all these years.
The "HQ do Mirandinha" has social factors, such as encouraging reading and incentive local art and culture, as well as promoting endomarketing within the company and the spirit of belonging of employees.
Commercially speaking, the magazine was funded by major supplier partners such as HP, Multilaser and Samsung, bringing zero cost to production.
The HQ was drawn and scripted by the renowned local artist Geraldo Borges, who has worked on several titles for DC Comics, Dark Horse and Marvel. And for colorization had the help of the colorist Arthur Hesli.
Héssed Martins was the central idealizer of the project, directing and supervising the production from beginning to end and helping in the creation of the script. Also had assistance of the Marketing team: Silvia Miranda, Silvana Miranda, Natália Oliveira and Ícaro Pires, besides the opinion of several contributors.
The magic of this comic is to find a fun reading, worthy of a true comic book, and not a tedious institutional material to read. Children will identify with the characters and the adventure. Young people will notice pop culture references hidden throughout the story, making mention of movies, series and popular games. The older ones can keep up with Miranda's business success and all the step-by-step steps to make a successful business. Employees can also feel represented, being mentioned as one of the main reasons for this success.

Finally, in all the context of this production, the comic book try to reinforce the brand and the main slogan of Miranda: Tecnologia para Pessoas (Technology for People).
You can get your printed copy at any Miranda store. Or you can read the online version at
Child reads Miranda's comic book 30 years after leaving the store with her copy
Presentation of the magazine in the event Varejoinfo 2017, which brings together national computer retail partners and technologies and suppliers from Brazil and abroad.
Paulo Miranda, commercial director of Miranda Computação, presents the comic for retailers and national and international suppliers.
Large retailers and owners of multinational brands receive the gift of Miranda
Story and art: Geraldo Borges
Colors: Geraldo Borges and Arthur Hesli
General Director: Héssed Martins
Marketing Manager: Silvana Miranda
Review: Silvia Miranda
Assistance: Natália Oliveira and Ícaro Pires
Special thanks:
To the friends who helped in the revision of this project: Paulo Miranda, Alessandro Messias, Raphael Judah, Bruno Miranda and Manoela Moreira.
Miranda 30 years: The Robot Monster Threat is a magazine distributed free of charge, celebrating Miranda's 30th birthday. No reproduction of this content is forbidden without prior authorization. All rights reserved. 2017

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